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If you have been accused of a criminal act, it is act quickly to get the help of a reputable Lakewood criminal defense attorney. Angela Horwath has the experience, expertise, and the knowledge of criminal law to defend you and protect your legal rights no matter what kind of criminal charges you are facing.

Whether you need help with:

Criminal Charges

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Minor in Possession (MIP)

Domestic Violence

Property Crimes

Traffic Tickets

Juvenile Defense

License Suspension

Or other crimes, Angela Horwath is the right person to defend you.

Experienced attorney Lakewood, WA and all Pierce County

Criminal Defense Lakewood

The Pierce County and Lakewood, WA criminal system is difficult to navigate, so get someone on your side who is familiar with what to do. Just look at Angela's results.

Lakewood Domestic Violence

Time is not on your side with a charge of Domestic Violence. Contact Angela for powerful Domestic Violence defense in Lakewood, WA today.

Lakewood, WA DUI / Drunk Driving Defense

Being charged with a DUI in Lakewood, WA is a serious matter. Angela is a Lakewood DUI attorney that is an expert at defending Driving Under the Influence charges.

Lakewood Domestic Violence Attorney

Urgent is the word when it comes to hiring a Lakewood domestic violence attorney. A domestic violence arrest in Lakewood is a sensitive time, and people’s statements can change rapidly as time goes on. These transitions can mean the difference in lowering or eliminating jail time for the accused.

Domestic violence has two big differences from other Lakewood crimes such as driving under the influence, property, drug and even minor offenses.

As most Lakewood lawyers know, prosecutors and police have a decidedly lack of discretion when it comes to Lakewood, WA domestic violence occurrences. The officers arrive at a crime scene, start an examination, and make an initial determination of fault to determine if someone gets arrested.¬† But, In domestic violence cases in Lakewood, an arrest is conducted almost as soon as the police arrive on the scene. They will take initial statements, then put a person in cuffs and send them to jail. And it doesn’t matter what either¬† party says, even if they do not want to prosecute the other party.
This is why it is so important to contact a Lakewood Domestic Violence Attorney right away.